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5 Tips For Choosing Your Pontoon Boat Cover

When choosing a cover for your boat you need to take into consideration things like how long the boat is going to be left unattended, where it is going to be stored, and the type of weather there is going to be in the area the boat is stored. Plus other things like is it in a dry dusty area, what is it stored next to etc. Here we are going to look at 5 tips for choosing the best pontoon boat cover.

1) Style
There are three types of Pontoon boat covers, or boat covers in general to choose from these are custom, semi-custom and universal. Custom covers are when you get the cover specifically manufactured to your boats dimensions. Semi - custom are designed for specific types of boats; one cover fits all pontoons for example and universal covers are made to fit all boats. Choosing the style really depends on what you're looking for.

2) Size
It is important to take into consideration the specific dimensions of your boat. If the cover is ill fitting it is likely that it is not going to do its job in protecting the boat properly.

3) Use
Depending on where and how the pontoon boat cover is going to be used, will determine what type of cover you get. There are some multipurpose covers but it does make sense to have a think about whether the boat is going to be moored, attached to a trailer or in storage. When purchasing the cover if you are unsure which is most suitable for your boat, you can easily do a bit of research on a web search, or get some advice from the retailer.

4) Accessories
Accessories are in important addition to your boat cover, as they too are also specific to the type of storage you are planning for you boat. Again, whether it be for trailering or storage you can get accessories like tie down kits, and straps or even boat cover reinforcements that help your boat cover, protect your boat even more. There are also such thing as support poles for those who are in wet and/or snowy climates.

5) A few care tips for your pontoon boat cover 
• Try not to let any debris or anything wet stay on the boat cover for too long a period as it could affect the integrity of the cover.

• Make sure that everything is tied down properly, any part of the cover that is not tied down means that, that section of the boat is open to the elements.

• Be aware of easy rip areas, parts of your boat that could easily rip or tear the cover.

• Make sure before your store the cover away it is completely dry. Again, as to not affect its integrity.
Pontoon boat covers are easy to find, the challenge comes when deciding what is the right cover for you. Here are 5 easy tips that can hopefully help your decision.